ISCB Student Council Symposium 2018 Programme

Symposium Date: 8 September 2018

Venue: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens

8:30-9:00      Registration

9:00-11:00    SESSION I. Chair Nikolaos Papadopoulos

9:00-9:15        Opening remarks

9:15-10:15      Keynote: Dr. Anna Zhukova, Institut Pasteur, France

                       <Modelling drug resistance spread in HIV>

10:15-10:45    Student talks

10:15-10:30    Patricia Sieber, Kerstin Voigt, Philipp Kämmer, Sascha Brunke, Stefan Schuster and Jörg Linde.

                     Comparative study on alternative splicing in human fungal pathogens.

10:30-10:45    Susanne Kirchen, Dheeraj Bobbili and Patrick May.

                      Variant annotation pipeline for the identification of splice-altering SNVs.

10:45-11:00     Icebreaker

11:00-11:30   COFFEE BREAK

11:30-13:00   SESSION II. Chair Susanne Kirchen

11:30-12:30     Student talks

11:30-11:45     Sofia Papadimitriou, Andrea Gazzo, Nassim Versbraegen, Charlotte Nachtegael, Jan Aerts, Yves Moreau, Sonia Van Dooren,

                      Ann Nowé, Guillaume Smits and Tom Lenaerts.

                     Towards a multivariant pathogenicity assessment: developing predictive methods for disease-causing digenic

                      variant combinations.

11:45-12:00     Christine Anyansi and Thomas Abeel.

                       Classification of mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections from WGS data.

12:00-12:15      Wim Cuypers, Gordon Dougan, Jan Jacobs, Pieter Meysman, Kris Laukens, Stijn Deborggraeve and Sandra Van Puyvelde.

                       Comparative genomics of Salmonella Concord from the Horn of Africa reveals genomic signatures related to high resistance

                       and virulence.

12:15-12:30      Lesley Sitter, Travis Glare and Mark Hurst.

                       Evolutionary divergence of the insect disease-encoding Serratia plasmid pADAP.

12:30-13:00      Flash talks

13:00-14:30    LUNCH AND POSTERS

14:30-16:15    SESSION III. Chair Amel Bekkar

14:30-15:30     Keynote: Dr. Julio Saez Rodriguez, Heidelberg University, Germany

                      <Integrating Omics data and biological knowledge to understand and treat disease>

15:30-16:15       Student talks

15:30-15:45       Melissa Adasme, Sebastian Salentin, Jörg Heinrich, Joachim Haupt, Yixin Zhang and Michael Schroeder.

                        From malaria to cancer: Computational drug repositioning of amodiaquine using PLIP interaction patterns.   

15:45-16:00       Eleonora Cappelli, Fabio Cumbo, Anna Bernasconi, Marco Masseroli and Emanuel Weitschek.

                        OpenGDC: standardizing, extending, and integrating genomics data of cancer.

16:00-16:15        Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Rodrigo Gonzalo Parra and Johannes Soeding.

                         MERLoT and PROSSTT! Reconstructing and modelling differentiation lineage trees for single-cell RNAseq experiments.

16:15-16:45       COFFEE BREAK

16:45-18:30       SESSION IV. Chair Daniele Parisi

16:45-17:15        Student talks

16:45-17:00         Dan DeBlasio and Carl Kingsford.

                          Automatically eliminating errors induced by suboptimal parameter choices in transcript assembly.

17:00-17:15        Gosia Golda, Lara Bossini-Castillo, Dafni Glinos, Natalia Kunowska, Paweł P. Łabaj and Gosia Trynka.

                          Model for pre-sequencing quality control of ATAC-seq libraries.

17:15-18:15        Round table: Bioethics and Bioinformatics

                            Prof. Yves Moreau, KULeuven, Belgium

                            Dr. Mahsa Shabani, KULeuven, Belgium

                            Dr. Pooya Zakery, KULeuven, Belgium

                            Dr. Anna Zhukova, Institut Pasteur, France

                            Dr. Julio Saez Rodriguez, Heidelberg University, Germany

18:15-18:30        Closing remarks